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80-200mm Leica Zoom Lens Vario Elmarit 1:4,0 ø E60 mm (front)


Leica R Zoom


Leica Zooms are a perfect combination of versatility and high optical performance. This makes them welcome travel companions for demanding photographers. And a zoom lens is simply indispensable in those fleeting moments when there is no time to change the lenses. With a telephoto zoom lens, you are able to select an optimal cropping of your subject from a distance, without having to change your camera position. Thus it is an ideal complement for every camera outfit. Leica telephoto zoom lenses are as pleasant to handle, as they are outstanding in their imaging characteristics.

28-70mm, 80-200mm

80-200mm Leica Zoom Lens Vario Elmarit


The performance of the 80 - 200 mm f/4 VARIO-ELMAR-R rotating zoom lens is quite comparable to that of first-class lenses with fixed focal lengths. It offers well to very good imaging quality with high resolving power and outstanding contrast rendition - and this over the full image area and over the entire focal length range. And it is quite compact and rests comfortably in the palm of one's hand. Its extraordinary near-focusing distance of only 1.1 m or 3'7 1 /4" makes a smallest object field of 94 x 140 mm or 3 11 /16" x 5 1 /2" possible.

Front Diameter

ø E60 mm



Min Aperture

f/ 22

Mount System





35.37oz (1kg aprox)

Camera Technology


Focal Length


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